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Lindy Huang Werges Honored as ‘Woman of the Year’ by Los Angeles County Commission for Women

Lindy Huang Werges | 2019 Woman of the Year | Business Honoree

Lindy Huang Werges | 2019 Woman of the Year | Business Honoree

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – MARCH 19, 2019 – The Los Angeles County Commission for Women (LACCW) and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors honored Lindy Huang Werges as the Woman of the Year Award | Business Honoree during the 34th Annual Women of the Year Awards & Scholarship luncheon, on March 11, 2019 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown, Los Angeles. Nominated by Ankit H. Brahmkshatri, Manager of Supplier Diversity at The Walt Disney Company, Ms. Werges was one of five Women of the Year | Community-At-Large Awards recipients.  

Widely regarded as the most prestigious honor that can be given to women leaders and advocates, the “Women of the Year” Awards Luncheon recognizes women who are outstanding role models for over 4 million women in the County of Los Angeles. District Awardees are selected by each Los Angeles County Supervisor and Community At-Large Awardees are selected by the Commission for Women in the following six categories: Education, Health, Arts/Media, Business/Labor, Law/Public Safety, Women Veterans.

“Since 1986, LACCW has hosted this event to highlight and acknowledge the work of women in our community and celebrate the work of women throughout our County.” said Ana Maria Garcia, Esq., President and First District Commissioner, “We know that women impact and contribute to our society every day, in every industry, in every city across this county.”

“Beyond managing her award-winning business and family, Lindy has most recently served as Senior Vice-Chair of Women’s Business Enterprise Council-West (WBEC-West), is a Founding Advisor for TuesdayNights.org (a non-profit that supports female entrepreneurs and professional women’s network), serves as a mentor for Women’s Accelerator (a high-touch women’s mentor organization), along with serving on the board of Fulfillment Fund. Lindy also supports women and girls’ initiatives by supporting Mount Saint Mary’s University’s research on promoting gender equity, women’s leadership, and being a positive force for social change.

As Senior Vice-Chair of Women’s Business Enterprise Council-West, Lindy has spent a considerable amount of time, effort and resources to identify, engage and mentor women-owned businesses to help connect with business growth opportunities that the women business owners would not typically get. Lindy advocates on behalf of the women business owners for equitable inclusion in the economic growth across multiple industries. Lindy has organized and hosted networking events, match-making events and EXPOs to name a few to help women business owners.

Lindy’s involvement on the board of the Fulfillment Fund offers teens from inner-city to aspire for greater than themselves. Lindy has not only mentored many young women from the Fulfillment Fund but also has provided crucial real-world work training by hiring these young women in her businesses.” – Ankit H. Brahmkshatri

WBEC-West Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Connect Showcase at Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA; August 2018; Photo Credit:  Andrew Chenault Creative

WBEC-West Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Connect Showcase at Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA; August 2018; Photo Credit: Andrew Chenault Creative

“I’d like to thank Ankit Brahmkshatri for nominating and advocating for me,” said Lindy, “It has been an absolute privilege to collaborate with corporate members and serve our community of diverse and women entrepreneurs, and young professionals, as we work towards achieving equity and parity.

I have been so fortunate to have incredible individuals advocate for me over the years, and in turn, that advocacy has inspired and continues to inspire me to do the same. Many of those individuals are here today, the founders of TuesdayNights.org; the Fulfillment Fund; Mount Saint Mary’s University and the Center for the Advancement of Women; as well as my dear friend Diane Reichenberger, thank you for your friendship, for always showing up, and for being such an inspiration to our community.

Most importantly, I want to thank our kids for adopting my passion for volunteering as their passions over the years; and my husband Tom, for the unconditional love and support, and many times the only man in the room. Thank you for being my rock!”

Tom Werges  (Founder,  Slinger Straps ) & Lindy Huang Werges

Tom Werges (Founder, Slinger Straps) & Lindy Huang Werges


2019 Honorees

Fourth District Honorees

  • Mone’t Carter, Alison Colacchico, and Andrea Prillwitz, co-participants of Project Light The Way.

District Honorees

  • Alexandra Torres Galancid (Executive Director, Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles (W.I.N.T.E.R.))

  • Araceli Campos (Executive Director, Miguel Contreras Foundation; Chair, Women and Girls Initiative Governing Council)

  • Ann Reiss Lane (Founder and Chair Emeritus, Women Against Gun Violence)

  • Peggy Edwards, M.P.A. (President, Bridge to Home)

President’s Award

  • Julie A. Su (Secretary, California Labor and Workforce Development Agency)

Community-At-Large Honorees

  • Arts and Media Honoree - Karen Mack (Founder, LA Commons)

  • Business Honoree - Lindy Huang Werges (Founder and Principal, Integritas Resources, Inc. + Co-Founder, Zen Yoga Strap, Inc.)

  • Education Honoree – Wendy Spinner (Vice President, UBS Financial Services)

  • Health Honoree – Janette Robinson-Flint (Executive Director, Black Women for Wellness)

  • Labor Honoree – Lilia Garcia Brower (Executive Director, Maintenance Cooperation Trust Fund

About Lindy Huang Werges

Lindy Huang Werges is a high-performing executive, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and advocate for women’s initiatives, gender equity & parity, and college access & success for economically disadvantaged & under-resourced students. She is a master connector of people + community, which have resulted in countless collaborations, partnerships, and friendships.

Lindy possesses 25+ years of executive search and corporate finance & accounting experience. She began her career with global, publicly-traded corporations before entering the start-up world in 2005. Lindy is the founder of Integritas Resources, Inc., an award-winning full-service executive search and talent acquisition firm specializing in the finance & accounting industry; and the co-founder of Zen Yoga Strap, Inc., an ecommerce company and creator of the unique 3-loop tiered progress | yoga strap.

Lindy attributes her career and company successes to her “pay it forward” mentality. She believes communities thrive because of a symbiotic relationship between its people and its communities, and the best way to stimulate our economy is by connecting its people in supporting its local, diverse businesses. 


About the Los Angeles County Commission for Women

  • First District Commissioners: Ana Maria Garcia, Esq. (President), Irma Archuleta, & Barbara Kappos, LCSW (Treasurer)

  • Second District Commissioners: Maria Calix & Dr. Regina Smith

  • Third District Commissioners: Karriann Farrell Hinds (Vice President), Julie Friedman, & Vanessa  Thompson 

  • Fourth District Commissioners: Allison Castellanos, Dr. Caren Grisham, & Amy Howorth

  • Fifth District Commissioners: Alice S. Petrossian (President), Becky A. Shevlin & Bridgett Amis


About the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

  • Janice Hahn (Chair, Fourth District)

  • Hilda L. Solis (Supervisor, First District)

  • Sheila Kuehl (Supervisor, Third District)

  • Mark Ridley-Thomas (Supervisor, Second District)

  • Kathryn Barger (Supervisor, Fifth District)

  • Celia Zavala (Executive Officer, Board of Supervisors).


Interview with Catherine Gray of Live Love Thrive | Women's Empowerment Podcast

360Karma’s Live Love Thrive Show Host Catherine Gray interviews Lindy Huang Werges, Principal & Founder of Integritas Resources, Inc. Lindy is a high-performing executive, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and advocate for women’s initiatives and gender equity and parity. Lindy is also the Principal & Co-founder of Zen Yoga Strap, Inc. The Zen Yoga Strap™ is the perfect yoga strap to help you progress to your deepest stretches within a wide variety of poses.

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